The 01 November 2016

Saint Nicholas please bring me… Galler chocolates!

The Galler Saint Nicholas range:

delicious marzipan and chocolate figurines.
Available in Galler Shops.

Saint Nicholas

The 12 October 2016

Autumn Collection 2016 Fleeting macarons

Once is not custom; now that the new season has arrived, the macarons are taking on their autumn glow. Attractive colours, ambers, chestnut, brown, subtly gilded, supple substances, mellow and delicate; all as fine-tasting as they are elegant.

The creation is at the first stage. Accompanied by passion. Let the parade of flavours commence …

Fleeting macarons

The 15 September 2016

End of summer but new pralines brighten the day

Hardly relishing the thought of having to say goodbye to sunny days, chocolateer Galler extends the festivities; 4 pralines, refined notes, a zest of exoticism, a setting-off on endless journeys. 

New pralines

The 30 June 2016

Orangettes: Ginger and Lemon make their appearance

Irrespective of whether we have a good summer, one thing is for sure;
Galler will be omnipresent this season! 


The 18 May 2016

‘Mendiants’ are round and delicious and a favourite with everyone!

For years, they have been produced exclusively in square shapes and in dark, dark chocolate; until now that is. 

Our ‘mendiants’

The 13 May 2016

Galler Gent

We are excited to announce the opening of our new Galler boutique in Gent! 

Galler gent