The 16 March 2018

New Eggs !

This year again, Galler features art and creation.

EGGS 2018

The 08 December 2017

E-Shop Galler

Because a pleasure shared is a pleasure doubled, the creation of our e-shop has quickly become a priority.


The 08 December 2017

Pop up Store

For some time now the fair folk has taken up residence on our chocolatey homepage. 

Pop up Store

The 12 September 2017

Les Chocolat du Chat

Some 22 years ago Jean Galler and Philippe Geluck became the genial creators of the Chocolats du Chat.

Les Chocolats du Chat

The 30 August 2017

"Les Origines" Box

Jean Galler invites you on a worldwide journey…

Jean Galler invites you on a worldwide journey…

The 16 May 2017

New! 2 macaroons 2017 Edition

Apricot and Pistachio, the sweetness of apricot is balanced by the powerfull of the pistachio.

Mango and Raspberry, a macaroon with the fresh­ness of mango and it’s hart of raspberry

Macaroons 2017 Edition