Our values and commitments

The chocolaterie Galler creates all his chocolates with pleasure in mind. 

Our mission

For chocolate bars to be savoured alone, as for boxes of chocolates to be shared, the intention is to offer chocolate lovers a true taste experience and sincere enjoyment. Each product is designed with the utmost care, and each sweet creation has a clear identity: a shape, a texture and a taste all its own. These are the makings of life's little delights.

By meticulously selecting the source and quality of its raw materials, and attentively controlling its confection process, Galler upholds the Belgian tradition of chocolate expertise. Since Galler is an artisanal confectioner, your taste experience holds the promise of a creative cacao encounter with flavours that you won't find anywhere else.

The credibility and lasting reputation of a company is based on its assertion of strong values and the way that its employees share and show them.  



At Galler, quality is the obvious choice. It begins with the selection of the very best raw materials – cacao and cocoa butter, natural vanilla, raspberries,  Vrai Sirop de Liège, and so on – to produce a final product with an exquisite level of quality that will bring intense pleasure to the person tasting it.  

Gamme Chocolat Galler


There is no wrong favourite chocolate: everyone has their preference. After all, indulgence is about enjoyment and freedom. Galler refuses to be closed in with the dogma that dictates, for example, that a good chocolate must necessarily be a dark one. That is why the confectioner makes a point of producing excellent milk chocolate and incredible white chocolate.

The objective: To modernise and reinvent traditional methods and recipes for delicious confectionery that stands apart in terms of quality and originality; industrial chocolate doesn't even come close. 

Competent, motivated personnel 

A friendly greeting and the notions of respect and courtesy are particularly high among the Galler values of indulgence and generosity. This is true within the chocolate manufactory and throughout the Galler shops.


The respect for labourers here and abroad; sharing expertise with young people through professional training; respect for nature; the commitment to sustainable development: such ethics are part of the Galler charter of values. When you purchase Galler products, you are not only giving someone a delightful chocolate experience; you are expressing your choice for a better world.


The beating heart of the company is the Research and Development department, which works on no fewer than three hundred recipes a year. This eclectic, versatile creative team comprises a Liège native and a Canadian. They focus on two objectives: creating totally unprecedented concepts and continually improving the brand's existing products. 

For example, the R&D team made the decision to remove hydrogenated fats from all its products and to reduce the sugar level in a number of them. Creativity thrives here: many of their past ideas have revealed themselves to be ahead of their time. In 1993 – more than twenty years ago – The chocolaterie Galler proved a pioneer in his creation of a dark chocolate with 70% cacao content.


Our commitments

Sustainable development is not a vain term at Galler, where considerable efforts have been made to eliminate palm oil from all our recipes. The production of this vegetable oil leads to great environmental problems. Nutritionists also suspect that consuming it can be hazardous to health.

Our objective is to guarantee products of the highest quality. In this respect, at Galler, we have always been on the cutting edge of research. Today, we use no hydrogenated oils, and we have worked to reduce the sugar content of our creations throughout the years; but the nature of our confectionery has always remained exquisite and indulgent.

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