We know what's going at the top of our list to the great Saint: ‘Les Pépites’: seven brand-new praline bites

That magical time of the year, transporting us back to our childhood, is fast approaching. 

Spread the magic and enchantment with our indulgent chocolate treats.



Belgian chocolatier Galler reveals its range of brand-new miniature delights: 


les Pépites !

 A range of dark, white and milk chocolate bites filled with smooth or crunchy praline centres. 

The wait is over: try the 7 delicious flavours for yourself.

The Dark Chocolate & Coconut 'Pépite' : 

pepite noir noix de coco galler

Bite into dark chocolate with a rich cocoa flavour to discover the exotic flavour of coconut praline.

The Dark Chocolate & Crunchy Coffee 'Pépite' : 

pepite noir café croquant galler

Powerful coffee aromas are enclosed within a bitter dark chocolate shell. A fusion of two distinctive flavours, finished with a deliciously crunchy texture.

The Dark Chocolate Praline 'Pépite' :

noir prlaine pepite galler

The luxurious, bitter flavour of powerful dark chocolate is harmoniously fused with a mixture of caramel-coated hazelnuts: pure indulgence

The Milk Chocolate & Coconut 'Pépite' :

pepite lait coco galler

The exotic flavour of coconut is married with creamy milk chocolate for a silky smooth melt-in-the-mouth sensation.

The Milk Chocolate & Chopped Hazelnut Praline 'Pépite' :

pepite praline noisettes galler

The crunch of a hazelnut praline with the melt-in-the-mouth quality of milk chocolate: a delicious combination of flavours and textures.

The White Chocolade & Crunchy Almond 'Pépite' :

pepite blanc amandes croquant

A crisp almond praline, gently combined with delicate white chocolate.

The White Chocolate Praline 'Pépite' :

An indulgent prlaine combining iressistible hazelnuts with a fine white chocolate coating.

pepite blanc praline galler


Discover the range of magical Galler ‘Pépites’ products, presenting a range of delicious praline bites from the master Belgian chocolatier.

galler pepites saint nicolas


‘Les Pépites’ are available in several different formats:


- Advent Calendar: 24 chocolate treats for the run-up to Christmas


- 16-piece gift box: treat yourself or a loved one


- 6-piece slim tray: a moment just for you; 6 small bites with creamy centres


- 3 assorted packets of 10 ‘pépites’