Endless Summer …  Who said summer was over?

The days are starting to draw in... but the longing for summer and its delicious fruit still lingers... so why not extend the summer with chocolate? ENDLESS SUMMER... 4 new pralines bursting with fruit.

endless summer

Pralines with fruity ganaches

Actu Endless Summer


Summer fruits coated in dark, white or milk chocolate

 These 4 new chocolate treats by Galler are paired with ganaches bursting with fruit flavour to create the perfect taste combination.  Each tasty bite will bring back the wonderful feelings of summer.


Lemon praline: a lemon ganache coated in white chocolate


praline citron chocolat blancTuck into this praline for a real taste explosion! You'll love the combination of smooth, vanilla-flavoured white chocolate with a soft lemon ganache. Lemons are the ideal fruit thanks to their acidity.   

They have a refreshing taste which evokes the sun-drenched landscapes of the Mediterranean... they might even remind you of a lemon meringue pie... 


Passion fruit praline: a slightly-sweet milk chocolate combined with the refreshing acidity of passion fruit ganache 


ganache fruit passionA perfectly-balanced blend featuring exotic tastes and giving you the feeling of embarking on a tropical voyage.       



Blackcurrant praline : a very fruity ganache coated in dark chocolate


praline cassis chocolat noirThis dark chocolate coating, containing powerful notes of cocoa, enhances the rich, fruity blackcurrant ganache - a small, southern berry; soft, sweet and with an enrapturing flavour.

Orange praline: a powerful and refreshing orage ganache coated in dark chocolate

praline orange chocolat noirThe combination of the bitterness of the dark chocolate and the acidity of the orange makes it a classic yet unusual treat. This praline features a sun-kissed fruit, coated in chocolate. It's a perfect blend, a bit like an orangette, with the added softness of a ganache and with very powerful orange notes.


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The ENDLESS SUMMER praline box contains 16 pralines, an assortment of 4 pralines with delicious fruit ganaches. A refreshing taste with every bite...  


Fun fact

Do you know that the word 'praline' doesn't have the same meaning in France as it does in Belgium?

In Belgium, pralines are the little morsels containing soft-centre chocolate. These tasty fondants have a soft chocolate centre with cream, ganache, praline paste, liquor, fruit, caramel or marzipan, for example. 

The most famous Belgian pralines are 'manons': white chocolate, often flavoured with coffee and filled with cream or butter and with a walnut in the centre.
The gianduja pralines' filling consists of a mixture of grilled dried fruits and white sugar.
In Belgium, it is customary to offer a praline 'ballotin' box as a gift, tied with a ribbon and filled with an assortment of pralines in multiple flavours.
Whereas in France, the word 'praline' refers to a general sweet consisting of an almond or peanut wrapped in boiled sugar.

This 'French' praline is eaten as it is. In Belgium, these are called 'chouchous'.

In both France and Belgium, we crush this sweet to integrate it with other confectionary, at that point it's called the 'pralin'. And if we add chocolate to this crushed mixture, we get the famous 'praliné'.