Galler spreads are changing: We're introducing new sizes and new recipes!

THE SPREADS you used to know are a thing of the past : responsible and tasty

Considering Galler's goal to reduce its environmental footprint and provide a container that can be reused for other purposes, the use of glass jars was an obvious choice.

We have revised our classic recipes, adding a touch of modernity. In practice, our three spreads now contain more fibre and less sugar than our previous recipes. Our recipes are still palm oil free.

REAL EXPERTISE: All Galler's expertise can be tasted in its iconic praliné filling. Hazelnut is the key flavour in this range and it's available in two sizes: 200 g and 400 g for the Hazelnut spread and 200 g for the Crunchy Hazelnut and Intense Dark varieties. Galler remains the frontrunner for fillings and, more particularly, for the hazelnut praliné – the bestseller and the 'must-try' product.