Croc’o Galler featuring Roméo Elvis

Take a break with Croc’o - the new delicious, crunchy snack! Here's the story behind this new product born out of our meeting with Roméo Elvis.

It was the beginning of 2019, just before the release of his album "Chocolat", when the rapper Roméo Elvis contacted Chocolaterie Galler. He wanted us to produce chocolates to distribute with the marketing of his album… That's how it all started!


The meeting with Roméo Elvis

"When he came in to visit our chocolate factory, I had never heard any of his songs. I just knew he was a Belgian rapper", Galler's Marketing & Communication Manager Valérie Stefenatto recalls with some amusement.

Very soon, things clicked between Roméo and the Galler team. "He was looking for an independent, Belgian chocolatier, one that would share his values", explains Valérie. "On our part, we were fascinated by his project and the energy he put in it".

Given the tight timing of the release of the album, Galler offered to reissue a limited edition of one of its earlier products: the Croc, renamed "Croc Roméo" for the occasion. It's a delicious milk chocolate treat, with a crunchy filling. Distributed during the concerts, the Croc Roméo appears also in the video clips of the track "Chocolat", where Roméo Elvis plays a sort of wacky Willy Wonka.



Both Roméo Elvis and Galler's idea was not to limit the collaboration to an action of street marketing, but to envision a more qualitative partnership in the long term.

That's how, barely a year later, Croc’os made their entrance in the Galler range. "For me, this chocolate is a true moment of pleasure that reminds me of the snacks of my childhood", explains Loïc, R&D Manager, who developed the Croc’o recipe.

Available in milk or dark chocolate, Croc’o is also designed to offer a certain nutritional balance, with hazelnuts and a limited amount of sugar. "This is still a delicious treat to be consumed in moderation", points out Loïc. 





Fairtrade cocoa and environmentally friendly packaging

Croc’o is thus the first Galler product to be made with Fairtrade certified cocoa. A commitment we take seriously, one we share with Roméo Elvis!

We have also opted for FSC cardboard in order to minimise the impact of packaging on our beautiful planet.




And now that you know the story, all that's left is to enjoy it!


Available at your supermarket and in Galler stores beginning July 8th